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How to travel to South Africa on a budget

South Africa is confidently included in the top countries that most tourists in the world dream of. It has everything you need from wildlife to authentic history, infrastructure. You can stay in various houses, like hostels or chains of loggias, within modest budgets you can find tours without restrictions, including with transport. Flexibility in financial terms is one of the hallmarks of a holiday here.

Many tourist routes have a prepared network for recreation or infrastructure for organizing independent halts. Often these are well-groomed, clean houses, accessible to everyone. They belong to accredited institutions that regularly clean them and deliver water.

There are trails that require a permit, but these are dangerous areas for professionals. In addition, it is life-threatening to go on such trips alone; an experienced escort or guide is usually hired. There are options for hiring along with equipment to accompany.

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Hostels are tidied up, usually single and double, as well as very budget options in the form of hostels. In this case, there are always amenities, but this is a shared bathroom in a separate room. If you are afraid to get unsuccessfully for the night, we recommend using the services of exclusively accredited establishments. A list of such is on, the site shows only certified companies.

So many hostels have opened up across the South African landscape in recent years that it’s possible to organize a tour, literally door-to-door. Some bus travel agencies operate in this mode. Usually these are simple Spartan conditions, but in terms of speed, only your own car can compare with this method of travel.

We offer a wide range of tours for different levels of training and budget. At the same time, you will invariably get a lot of pleasure from exploring South Africa.

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